Are you experiencing major changes in your life?

Maybe you find yourself going through a change in career, a move to a new location, or the end of a long-time partnership? Whether good or bad, change isn’t easy. It challenges us to grow in new ways that we might not otherwise encounter.

I enjoy helping my clients sort out the complex emotions that can accompany major life transitions while identifying the strengths that can help keep them grounded during these times. I have found in practice that many clients experience the greatest personal growth during times of transition.

Therapy can help you:

  • Process the emotions that arise
  • Learn healthy coping skills for challenges
  • Identify negative or self-defeating thought patterns that may cause unnecessary stress
  • Acknowledge your unique, personal strengths
  • Develop a more mindful, loving approach towards your own emotions

Societal norms often cause us to identify who we are by our career, partnership, activities, etc. During times of transition, we can use the uncomfortable emotions that arise to help us remember that we are much more than a sum of our accomplishments or abilities.

We are presented with the rewarding opportunity to get to know ourselves apart from the labels that have previously defined us. I enjoy helping my clients discover their value as a unique individual and develop the confidence that comes as a result.

Times of change and transition can be uncomfortable, but they also present us with unlimited opportunities for growth.

If you are going through a life transition and need support or would like to use the experience to become more empowered, please contact me to see if I can help.

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